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Troubleshooting method for common trouble of self suction pump of stainless steel

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Failure phenomenon

1, no response after power supply.

2, hard to start or can not be started, and accompanied by a "buzz" sound.

3, the motor can run, but the speed is slow, and the case of overheating, a burning smell.

4, the operation of noise, vibration.


1, most of the power plug, power supply and motor winding short circuit.

2, maintenance available small bamboo sheet according to the rotation direction of rapid shifting wind leaf, if the motor to work quickly, that is start capacitor is damaged or the start winding should be replaced the same capacity capacitor or repair the startup winding; if the motor card is, mechanical failure of the motor and pump head, such as the damage of bearing, impeller stuck.

3, mostly caused by short circuit of motor winding should be to open the motor, optic damage respectively adopts a welding, jumper, isolation, rewind and other measures to repair.

4, most of the bearing damage or bearing chassis and the mismatch, need to dismantle the motor to check, if the bearing is damaged should be replaced; if the bearing running round, the surface of the pump casing with the flower processing; if the bearing running in the circle, on the motor shaft wear parts of the flower processing, serious wear and tear of by first turning method for repair welding.

Stainless steel self - priming pump head

Failure phenomenon

1, the normal operation of the motor, but the amount of water is less or no water.

2, the shell is charged.


1, this situation should first check the pump seal, check should unplug the power plug, hand to block the water mouth, the pump filled with water, hold in the mouth of the export tried to blow in, observe whether the leakage of the pump head, leakage

Water is also the seal damage. Common fault location has a suction pad, pad outlet, impeller cover pad, repair should be replaced. If there is no water phenomenon, many of the impeller damage, water absorption chamber and the water chamber between the separation

Wear, pump head retaining septum removed, the impeller and the pump shell enlarge the gap, replace the impeller and the pump shell. Replace the impeller should pay attention to the thorough removal of the residual copper blades, so as not to damage the new impeller again.

2, the majority of water damage, water through the motor shaft infiltration of the motor the motor insulation deterioration caused by, can be used to replace the seal, drying, motor and other methods of repair. Need to pay attention to is, because the water pump and water contact and open air work, very easy to damp and cause insulation performance deterioration, in order to ensure the safety of the body, electric stainless steel pump should be reliable