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Quality problems and causes of submersible pump industry

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Pump industry common problems are the following aspects:

First, there are some problems in the main performance indicators. Pump flow head up to less than the marked parameters, the efficiency is low, there is still a high standard, the phenomenon of chaos. Not in the standard way to label.

Two is the low efficiency of the pump efficiency, pump hydraulic model is flawed.

Three is the existence of security projects. In the security projects, the grounding measures and the unqualified phenomenon of the manual are concentrated, and the safety labeling does not conform to the requirements.

Four is the appearance of rough, casting quality.

Five is a single structure, single function, low technology content.

This product quality defects caused by the following reasons:

First, the technical condition is not complete, the equipment is backward, there is not enough processing and inspection equipment, the process method is not correct, the design document has the deviation, the inspection method is inaccurate, cannot discover the existence question, cannot take effective measure.

Two is not enough understanding, can not accurately understand the standard terms, can not strictly implement the standards. For example, cable length, safety warning signs, the use of safety instructions in the manual, these projects are often a number of small business problems, it seems very simple, but if the standard is not enough, it is easy to occur, and the nature is very serious, belonging to the security of the entire project is not qualified. So again called on everyone to strengthen learning, we must carefully grasp the contents of the standard, in particular, to pay attention to the provisions of safety standards. To avoid a temporary failure caused by the failure of the security project.

Three is the quality management means is backward, the quality consciousness is weak, the management measure is not in place, the method is not accurate, the management aspect flaw. For example, the inspection process, should give the supplier what requirements, qualified suppliers should be determined, we may only focus on the price of the product, largely ignored the technical quality requirements, we are all in use will not have any problems, its real, because we have a lot of quality problems, if it is not clear, can be used to support the establishment of a large number of supporting manufacturers to help establish a verification, inspection method.

Four there is a man-made counterfeit. In order to cater to the market demand, to increase the competitiveness and artificial. The main performance index is the flow head and pump efficiency, these parameters are the user's most concerned parameters, the general is also more attention, but why still exist many problems, the analysis, I

We believe that the main reason is that companies do not set the required labeling, that is to say, if the facts are marked, there will not be a large number of substandard phenomenon, some companies in order to a non normal competition, artificially inflated, deliberately put the flow and head high standards, resulting in the failure of these projects. These phenomena can be avoided completely, therefore, we must put an end to the phenomenon of the phenomenon of the future business activities.

Five is the enterprise design ability, innovation consciousness is not strong. Existing many products, it can be said that there is no technical content, is to mapping, imitation, processing and other means of production, product structure, product level is low, the function is single, reliability is not guaranteed, the lack of technical research and development capabilities.