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Why there is a gap between the price of the centrifuge

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In fact, a lot of time, we will find something to buy, although it is the same kind of thing but the price difference is very poor. A lot of people have such a doubt, in the end is because what causes the price of the centrifuge is different?

May be a lot of people are asked what caused the price of the centrifuge is different, the first reaction will be felt that the gap between imports and domestic. But the price difference between domestic and imported centrifuge is not great, because our country after these years of continuous development, the core technology of the centrifuge has been completely mastered. So now the same class of imported and domestic centrifuge centrifuge in the same price.

In fact, the main factor causing the price gap between the centrifuge is the configuration of the centrifuge and performance, just like we buy mobile phones, performance and configuration of the more expensive. Not to mention the centrifuge, the difference is generally poor in the host performance. Generally speaking, the more features, the price is also a lot more expensive, like some with the function of refrigeration and heating the price of the centrifuge is higher than the price of ordinary centrifuge without these functions.